Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Manual recount

I look forward to more candidates endorsing manual validation. To make it easy here is are three searches for "manual validation"

1. Ernest Hancock
2. Israel Torres
3. Jan Brewer

Do you think there is a reason only one of the above links has results..?

Hancock, Torres or Brewer - which can be trusted?

As it looks like the wikipedia article is going to be an article rather than a reference, I would like to encourage people to visit Ernest Hancock's site, Israel Torres' site and yes, even Jan Brewer's site. The question in my mind is whether there are three choices for Secretary of State or really two. It is evident from Torres' pamphlet that election integrity is a side issue of little interest in his mind (the same can be said about Brewer as is evident from the pitiful committment her office has in improving election integrity rather than the same old-same old).

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Rizma takes one for the gipper - quits

In an AP article dated 6/28/2006 the Tucson Citizen reports that Skip Rimza withdrew his candidacy for Secretary of State. Being that other backroom shenanigans will result in one more election that won't be conducted properly, one wonders why people bother voting at all.